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The Week Ending October 21, 2006

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Occult Marketing Magick

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Over the past serveral years, occult, gnostic and esoteric science topics have become as trendy and ubiquitous as CSI/Law & Order on Illuminati-controlled television network schedules. "Writer" Dan Brown's unlikely success and works have introduced a whole new generation of gabby housewives to a variety of conspiracy and alternative history. Harry Potter's J.K. Rowling is a billionaire from her excellent series of occult themed books and movies targeted at children and their Moms. String theory and dark matter have become sitcom punchlines. From there, it has spread like wildfire back to today's Illuminatus! Trilogy-influenced fnord marketing gurus and they've seized on the trend as the best sure-fire way to enslave the mindshare of their target demos. Invocation of the occult sciences sells. And money, as always, remains the strongest kind of magick.
"There is only One God!

He is the SUN GOD!

RA! RA! RA!"

— Recent RA Cola Ad

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No employee may punch the time card... The Mgt.

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