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The Week Ending November 11, 2006

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Alternative 3 Update

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Alternative One — elimination of a huge portion of world population.

Alternative Two — to build many underground bunkers, as large as small towns, to protect the government in seclusion until the surface population thinning was finished.

Alternative Three — to build a "transfer station" on the backside of the Moon, build an underground base on Mars and remove a certain limited "Noah's Ark" cross section of Earth's population, artists, scientists, engineers, writers, etc., to Mars as a survival colony in the event of "catastrophy" on Earth.

Jim Keith believed "the rich elite of the world have initiated a secret program of space migration to escape the environmental pollution and overpopulation destroying the earth."
"I would annex the planets if I could."
Cecil Rhodes, Last Will & Testament

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And just what is the Georgia Guidestones Number One Rule: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

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The Week Ending November 04, 2006

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There's always more fish in the sea

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Sunday 10/29/2006
  • Draft findings of the NASA Mars Forward Lunar Objectives Science Analysis Group.

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Wash hands before using the urinal. — The Mgt.

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The Week Ending October 28, 2006

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You are what you buy

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"Advertising is an environmental striptease for a world of abundance."
— Marshall McLuhan

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Damn the torpedoes.

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The Week Ending October 21, 2006

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Occult Marketing Magick

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Over the past serveral years, occult, gnostic and esoteric science topics have become as trendy and ubiquitous as CSI/Law & Order on Illuminati-controlled television network schedules. "Writer" Dan Brown's unlikely success and works have introduced a whole new generation of gabby housewives to a variety of conspiracy and alternative history. Harry Potter's J.K. Rowling is a billionaire from her excellent series of occult themed books and movies targeted at children and their Moms. String theory and dark matter have become sitcom punchlines. From there, it has spread like wildfire back to today's Illuminatus! Trilogy-influenced fnord marketing gurus and they've seized on the trend as the best sure-fire way to enslave the mindshare of their target demos. Invocation of the occult sciences sells. And money, as always, remains the strongest kind of magick.
"There is only One God!

He is the SUN GOD!

RA! RA! RA!"

— Recent RA Cola Ad

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No employee may punch the time card... The Mgt.

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The Week Ending October 14, 2006

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Mixed Bag-o-Rama

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No time for silly commentary this week, so just a list of odds-and-ends.

Sunday 10/08/2006

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Wednesday 10/11/2006
  • David Roberts of Grist magazine calls for Nuremberg-style trials on the crime of Global Warming. Yeah, that's helpful.

  • Islamic-facist propagandist Adam "Azzam the American" Gadahn becomes first person in 54 years to be charged with treason. What took so long?

  • House Republicans call for a congressional investigation into Sandy "Down My Pants" Berger's admitted theft and destruction of National Archives Millenium Plot documents

Thursday 10/12/2006

Friday 10/13/2006

Saturday 10/14/2006

The End is Nigh!

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The Week Ending October 07, 2006

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A way a lone a last a loved a long the

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This week several blogs posted that Discordian Illuminatus and "guerilla ontologist" Robert Anton Wilson is following in the footsteps of the likes of Aleister Crowley with an end-of-Earth-trip of sickness and destitution. Unlike Crowley however, Wilson still has friends and family to help out in his time of need. Check the story link below for more details on how to assist the current Old Man of the Mountain.
"Whenever people are certain they understand our peculiar situation here on this planet, it is because they have accepted a religious Faith or a secular Ideology and just stopped thinking."

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Everything you know is wrong.

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The Week Ending September 30, 2006

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Illuminati Hi-Jinx and Power Struggles

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The Greatest Week in History is every week! And what did you bring to the table to make it such a Great Week? Starting today, we'll document the lives & follies of Our Secret Masters, the ones who own the table, as they go about the daily business of Total Illuminati World Domination & Control.
"The Democrats think Republicans are stealing elections. The Republicans think Democrats are stealing elections. And those of us independent of the two old parties know they are both right."

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  • Democrates Offer a Nude Erection

Have a great week!

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