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Philip K. Dick and the Illuminati

— Thursday, June 15, 2006 —
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Excerpt of Chapter 8 from
Saucers of the Illuminati by Jim Keith
Published by IllumiNet Press

The most revelatory account I have come across of a possible contact with an alien intelligence is the book VALIS by Philip K. Dick. Aspects of the book that seem to be little understood are symbols that point to an encounter of some sort with what we can accurately term the Illuminati. Again, the messages in VALIS are coded, and the meanings encoded are Freemasonic, comprising in fact a relatively exhaustive recapitulation of Freemasonic lore and agenda.

VALIS is a semi-fictionalized account of "Horselover Fat," Dick's alter ego (the name formulated from a word derivation of his name), and Dick's meeting with what he takes to be God, or at least a God, via the medium of a pink beam of light. Dick dubs this god VALIS (a Vast Active Living Intelligence System).

Dick's vision came about when, in March of 1974, and suffering from two impacted wisdom teeth, he waited in his apartment in Anaheim, California for a prescribed pain killer from a local pharmacy. When the delivery person from the pharmacy arrived at the door it was a young woman wearing a golden fish-emblem necklace. Dick reflects that:
For some reason I was hypnotized by the gleaming golden fish; I forgot my pain, forgot the medication, forgot why the girl was there. I just kept staring at the fish sign.

"What does that mean?" I asked her.

The girl touched the glimmering golden fish with her hand and said, "This is a sign worn by the early Christians." She then gave me the package of medication.

In that instant, as I stared at the gleaming fish sign and heard her words, I suddenly experienced what I later learned is called anamnesis — a Greek word meaning, literally, 'loss of forgetfulness.' I remembered who I was and where I was. In an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, it all came back to me. And not only could I remember it but I could see it. The girl was a secret Christian and so was I. We lived in fear of detection by the Romans. We had to communicate in cryptic signs. She had just told me all this, and it was true.

This sudden influx of knowledge had been caused by a pink beam of light that had shot out of the necklace the girl was wearing, the beam apparently penetrating directly into Dick's head and imparting a vast array of information, including the knowledge of several languages that he had not previously understood. Aside from feeling a sort of hyper-rationality, Dick sensed that he had been taken over by a superior mind that had memories dating back in excess of two thousand years.

Later Dick was to hear troubling, grotesque messages coming out of his radio telling him to die, and would have an all-night display of graphic inner vision similar to thousands of abstract paintings seen in rapid succession projected upon the mind's eye. He also experienced a superimposition of the features of ancient Rome onto those of the California landscape in the 1970s, and formed the conviction that the present world was locked in what he termed a "Black Iron Prison," a state of spiritual (and probably physical) entrapment.

From these experiences and others Dick evolved a complex body of speculation, from which he drew a trio of books that included VALIS and a lengthy Exegesis consisting of several thousand pages of handwritten notes speculating on the nature of his contact with what he determined to be God.

The outcome of Dick's experiences with VALIS was not altogether benign. After the encounter (and a breakup with his wife) Dick attempted to kill himself, ending up in a mental ward instead.

What Dick believed to be the source of his contact is particularly interesting:
"Where did the plasmate [VALIS] originally come from?"

After a pause Fat said, "From another star system."

"You wish to identify that star system?"

"Sirius," Fat said.
In VALIS Dick relates the fairly widely-known information on the African Dogon tribe and their startling and unexplainable exact astronomical knowledge about the Sirius star system (as described in The Sirius Mystery by Robert G.K. Temple -- possibly a pseudonym?). The Dogon, Dick says,"got their cosmogony and cosmology directly from the three-eyed invaders who visited long ago. The three-eyed invaders are mute and deaf and telepathic, could not breathe our atmosphere, had the elongated misshapen skull of Ikhnaton and emanated from a planet in the star-system Sirius. Although they had no hands, but had instead, pincer claws such as a crab has, they were great builders."

Dick has Horselover Fat dreaming of these three-eyed creatures: "They manifested themselves as cyborg entities: wrapped up in glass bubbles staggering under masses of technological gear... Soviet technicians could be seen, hurrying to repair malfunctions of the sophisticated technological communications apparatus enclosing the three-eyed people." I will have more to say about the Dogon later in this text.

Dick also believed that, "Our world is still secretly ruled by the hidden race descended from Ikhnaton, and his knowledge is the information of the Macro-Mind itself... From Ikhnaton this knowledge passed to Moses, and from Moses to Elijah, the Immortal Man, who became Christ. But underneath all the names there is only one Immortal Man, and we are that man."

"Real Time ceased in 70 C.E.," Dick asserted, "with the fall of the Temple at Jerusalem [i.e. the Temple of Solomon]. It began again in 1974. The intervening period was a perfect spurious interpolation aping the creation of the Mind. 'The Empire never ended,' but in 1974 a cypher was sent out as a signal that the Age of Iron was over; the cypher consisted of two words: KING FELIX, which refers to the Happy (or Rightful) King.
"The two-word cypher signal KING FELIX was not intended fro human beings but for the descendants of Ikhnaton, the three-eyed race which, in secret, exists with us."
Dick believed that, "The person referred to by the two-word cypher KING FELIX is the fifth Savior who... VALIS had said, was either already born or would soon be."

Out of the VALIS communications, "Fat deduced that he had a mission, that the plasmate's invasion of him represented its intention to employ him for its benign purposes."

Of Ikhnaton's three-eyed kin, Dick alter-ego Fat observes, "My God... These are the original builders...", to which another character replies, "We have never stopped... We still build. We built this world, this space-time matrix." This is reminiscent of the terms with which the Freemasons refer to themselves in such tomes as Pike's Morals and Dogma. There is no mistaking the connection for anyone with the slightest familiarity with Masonic lore.

And VALIS, we learn, employs the same mystical communication system as the Masons: "All its verbal information is stored as Cabala." The Qabalah (alternative spelling, Cabala) is an ancient form of mysticism that pervades Freemasonry, top of pyramid to base.

Dick describes the method by which VALIS initiates secretly communicate with each other: "During a handshake, a motion with one finger of two intersecting arcs: swift expression of the fish symbol, which no one beyond the two persons involved could discern." The connection with the secret handshake of the Freemasons is obvious.

In his Exegesis, Dick amplified on his beliefs:
For the first time I have inferential evidence that a genuine secret fraternity of authentic Xtians exists, & has affected history... & possess supernatural powers & Immortality, due to direct links back to Christ — so they are the true hidden church. The two historic interventions which I am sure of collate: the secret fraternity fights the Empire (Rome in all its manifestations) & promotes the evolution of man to higher levels by inner & outer regeneration. The 16th, 17th century Illuminati are connected with this secret brotherhood...
Whether the godlike VALIS was involved at all, what was communicated to Dick seems to be approximately what the Freemasons and their brethren want us to believe about their mission: that theirs is an ancient tradition resting on an immortal bloodline that comes from the star system of Sirius, and that the fulfillment of their plans including the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon, and the enthronement of a World King (their secret agenda hidden in their convoluted inner circle cant) is the only salvation for this soon-to-be One World.

Dick seems to believe that VALIS took the form of a satellite, firing electronic beams of information down upon the Earth. Or perhaps crop circles? He has one of his characters say, "The satellite had control of them from the get-go. It could make them see what it wanted them to see... The satellite has occluded them, all of them. The whole fucking United States."

There are other indications that the actual VALIS that Dick contacted may have come from another source than Sirius. "In Fat's [i.e. Dick's] opinion, his apartment had been saturated with high levels of radiation of some kind."

He theorized that, "the Rosicrucians [the philosophic precursors to the Masons] were telepathically beaming pictures at him, probably boosted by micro-relay systems of an advanced order; but then, when Kandinsky paintings began to harass him, he recalled that the main art museum at Leningrad specialized in just such nonobjective moderns, and he decided that the Soviets were attempting telepathically to contact him."

Later Dick theoretically pinpointed the transmissions as originating from the schemes of a crippled rock musician named Mini: "He visited the Soviet Union one time; he said he wanted to see certain experiments they were conducting with microwave information transfer over long distances."

Fat himself comes to believe within the pages of VALIS that, "All that was involved from the start... was advanced laser technology. Mini found a way to transmit information by laser beam, using human brains as transducers without the need for an electronic interface. The Russians can do the same thing. Microwaves can be used as well. In March 1974 I must have intercepted one of Mini's transmissions by accident; it irradiated me."

Actually, I doubt that Dick felt the source of his infernal 'enlightenment' -- that happened to him in real life, in much the same fashion as it was depicted in the partially fiction VALIS, as shown by his statements in his Exegesis — was a rock musician. It happens that information beam experiments of exactly the type that Dick speculated on were at about that time being conducted by both the CIA and the KGB.

CIA Director Richard Helms described research taking place in the 1960s into "sophisticated approaches to the 'coding' of information for transmittal to population targets in the 'battle for the minds of men'" as well as "an approach integrating biological, social and physical-mathematical research in attempts... to control behavior." He described "use of modern information theory, automata theory, and feedback concepts... for a technology for controlling behavior... using information inputs as causative agents."

Anna Keel, in Full Disclosure magazine, writes that,
Due to [the CIA's] Project Pandora, it is now known that applied biological (and other) frequencies can also be used as direct "information inputs" (e.g. of feeling or emotion) and to reinforce brain rhythms associated with conditioning and information processing. One way to get such a signal into a human may be through use of a high frequency carrier frequency. Results of research into information processing, unconscious processes, decision making, memory processes and evoked brain potentials would likely be exploited or integrated in an interdisciplinary system.
For difficult subscribers... there are substances that have psychological or psychobiological effects ranging from subtle through devastating, and that cause increased susceptibility to conditioning. Some of these substances are similar to ones which are recognized by neurotoxicologists or behavioral toxicologists as occupational hazards; some are variations of substances used experimentally in laboratories to produce selective damage in certain neuronal tracts. Many substances needn't be injected or orally ingested, as they may be inhaled or applied with "skin transferal agents," i.e. chemicals like the popular industrial solvent dimethylsulphoxide (DMSO), which can, in fact, enhance the applied substance's effect. For instance, some compounds cause damage that produces increased sensitivity to stimulus, distraction (or flooding of thought associations), and enhance susceptibility to influence i.e., a state where automatic parallel information processing, which usually takes place outside of awareness, and interferes with conscious or more intentional limited channel processing. While causing acute mental symptoms wouldn't be the goal in groups, producing mild distraction, an ego weakened blurring between the sense of "I" and "you," would enhance some kinds of conditioning and promote suggestibility; then, perhaps transmitted "thought associations," "the voice of God," "lucky advice" or whatever, can more easily get through and have an effect... Convenient to the agencies involved in covert influence, is that among primary symptoms of schizophrenia or mental illness are ideas that one is being influenced by "transmissions" (e.g. radio frequencies), "voices" or even telepathy; unless complaints about covert psychological weapons are well organized, they would tend to be discounted as indicative of mental imbalance.

Another approach that may have been used is the transmission of 'key concepts' to matters that the subject is already conversant in, creating a realignment of the subject's sense of reality by the injection of just a few bits of information, images, or sentences. In Dick's case this might have involved accessing his study of religious symbolism and history. A fast acting hallucinogen and a beamed transmission of religious concepts might have made him very susceptible to the idea that, due to an unexplainable event of 'gnosis' he had tapped into the secrets of reality.

Dick describes a message broadcast "Out over the airwaves by one of the largest TV stations in the world, NBC's Los Angeles outlet, reaching many thousands of children with this split-second information which would be processed by the right hemispheres of their brains; received and stored and perhaps decoded, below the threshold of consciousness where many things lay slumbering and stored." He terms the message the KING FELIX cypher, and reports that, "The United States Army cryptographers studied it but couldn't discern who it was intended for or what it meant."

Dick describes the way in which the message was broadcast:
"On the screen the words FOOD KING appeared -- and then they cut instantly, rushing their film along as fast as possible so as to squeeze in as many commercial messages as possible; what came next was a Felix the Cat cartoon... One moment FOOD KING appeared on the screen and then almost instantly the words — also in huge letters — FELIX THE CAT. There it had been, the juxtaposed cypher, and in the proper order: KING FELIX."
I don't know whether the KING FELIX cypher or the Food King/Felix the Cat messages were actually broadcast (other than in VALIS, that is), but discounting the possibility out-of-hand would be unwise. Certainly similar messages have been sent over the airwaves, such as the Eye in the Triangle station break presented by CBS during 1992. A perfectly clear representation of the Eye in the Triangle was shown, quickly metamorphosizing into abstract patterns. Curious as to whether I was projecting my own fixations, I polled an audience of about a hundred people from the podium at a UFO convention; the majority of them had also noticed the depiction.

Another television subliminal was the image of the Statue of Liberty projected between the film frames of an ALF cartoon, as reported in TV Guide. Surely that image must have been slipped into the programming by some overzealous right wing patriot skulking in the CBS editing room. So one would tend to believe, but check out what conspiracy maven and Freemasonic expert Norma Cox has to say in her Secrets newsletter on the subject of Lady Liberty:
[This] is the statue of the Moon Goddess, Diana... This Queen of Heaven is also the Queen of Democracy... Diana's right arm holds a great torch (symbolizing the sun) high in the air. The left arm (right and left symbolic of male and female), grasps a tablet which bears the date of the Declaration of Independence. A crown with huge spikes, like sun rays, rests on her head (the crown covertly represents our satellite, the Moon)... Note the similarity between Juno, holding aloft a sword and Diana, whose statue, symbolizing Freedom, Equality and Worldwide Brotherhood, stands in New York harbor. Worshipped as Juno Lucina, the Bringer of Light, Illuminism's adoration of this Moon goddess ranks only slightly below that of the god of the Sun who, in the case of Juno, is Jupiter (Zeus) her husband.
I have been following examples of the injection of occult symbolism via other conduits; one of these, amazingly, impossibly, is Camel cigarette advertising. Although the media has been hipped to the idea that the cigarette company is specifically targeting young people with their cartoon "Joe the Camel" cigarette campaign, no one that I know of has spotted the fact that the Camel ads are riddled with subliminal imagery, including occultist subliminal content. It begins with the Camel image itself, the camel being a symbol of Isis according to Aleister Crowley.

Other images I have noted in these ads are the obviously phallic snout of Joe the Camel (this representation has been noted by other, including mainstream writers), the phallus being a seminal occultist obsession; a tiny representation of a man with erect phallus on the cigarette package's front; and a sprinkling of other important occult symbols such as the rose, the moon, the ocean, the eye in the triangle, and the pyramid, all Isis or Illuminati symbols, prominently featured for no apparent reason in Camel advertising. There is even a depiction in one ad of Joe the Camel as George Washington; is it possible that Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea were on to something in their Illuminatus! Trilogy, when they suggested that George Washington was impersonated by Adam Weishaupt, after the suppression of the Bavarian Illuminati, and that this is the significance of this ad? Nah.

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This chapter is taken from an earlier manuscript by Jim Keith under the pseudonym "Jay Katz". It had a blue cover with goofy UFO bitmap graphics.

A version of that manuscript can be found here.


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